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Using Proper Chemicals for janitorial cleaning

by Ken Duff

April 7th, 2014

Using proper quality chemicals to clean our janitorial customer’s facilities is very important to us. We want the environment that people work in daily to be sanitary and cleaned the way it should be. Disinfecting chemicals, toilet bowl restore, glass cleaner, metal cleaner, neutral floor cleaner, dusting polish and spot remover are all essential tools for taking care of our job and doing it well. Many janitorial services use only one cleaner, Windex, to clean everything in order to cut down on costs. We know that doesn’t do the proper thorough job that our company was built on and we certainly don’t want to cut costs for the sake of quality. When you get a chance to be cleaned by our Ventura County cleaning services, Quality Maintenance, you will be assured that you’re getting your place cleaned with proper chemicals.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Service in Ventura County

by Ken Duff

February 26th, 2014

The importance of a consistent quality cleaning service far outweighs the thrill of a cheap price!

We have seen in the last 20 years in Ventura County, so many companies choose another cleaning service because the price sounded so good or what they “said” they would do looked so good; only to find out it wasn’t as good of a janitorial service as they were promised it would be.  This quote is true in the cleaning business as well; you usually get what you pay for.  The most important questions to ask yourself when hiring a cleaning service would be; Are they reliable, consistent and proven?

There are some services that are ruining the industry by driving the price so low, it would be impossible to even pay our employees a minimum wage.  More questions to ask yourself; are they paying their employees properly, do they have the proper insurance to protect your company such as liability and workers comp?

So when it comes to choosing a service, don’t get too excited about a janitorial company that promises the world for a cheap price.  Instead, find out how long they’ve had some customers and if they have the proper insurance coverage.  

Dust Away in Ventura County, Janitorial Service

by Ken Duff

January 24th, 2014

One of the most frequently heard dis-satisfactions in a cleaning service is lack of keeping
the facility dusted properly. There are some factors that may cause this concern with one
being Ventura County is very dusty due to all the agriculture. As long as this detail is
addressed and done well on a regular basis, it will keep it under control. Checking for
quality on dusting is important to do by no longer than the next day, so it will give the
best picture of the job done. We have gone into some businesses that looked like they
never dusted one time for the customer and we had to clean up their mess. A customer
should not have to put up with this kind of janitorial service. No service is perfect, but
what’s important is a consistent janitorial service and how that service fixes mistakes to
provide quality customer satisfaction.