Different Types of Janitorial Services

by Ken Duff

January 24th, 2014

Selling janitorial service in Ventura County over the past 24 years has been an adventure
and I’ve learned so much about people and the community.  In the early days, there
weren’t as many cleaning services to choose from so it made the selling experience much
easier.  Now there are so many people who have decided to start cleaning for extra cash,
that companies searching for a janitorial service in Ventura County need to be careful
they are getting a legitimate cleaning service with the proper insurance coverage
and knowledge of the business.  There are other cleaning services who have gone to
franchising, and therefore you don’t get the hands on care that a local professional service
and owner can provide.  Choosing a franchise type of service has caused clients to go
through many cleaning services in a short period of time, which keeps them from doing
their job and can be quite annoying.