Using Proper Chemicals for janitorial cleaning

by Ken Duff

April 7th, 2014

Using proper quality chemicals to clean our janitorial customer’s facilities is very important to us. We want the environment that people work in daily to be sanitary and cleaned the way it should be. Disinfecting chemicals, toilet bowl restore, glass cleaner, metal cleaner, neutral floor cleaner, dusting polish and spot remover are all essential tools for taking care of our job and doing it well. Many janitorial services use only one cleaner, Windex, to clean everything in order to cut down on costs. We know that doesn’t do the proper thorough job that our company was built on and we certainly don’t want to cut costs for the sake of quality. When you get a chance to be cleaned by our Ventura County cleaning services, Quality Maintenance, you will be assured that you’re getting your place cleaned with proper chemicals.